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Aramazd: for the Community, with the Community

Period of implementation: 2012-2015

Background of the program

In 2003-2006 Armenian Caritas implemented the project "Strengthening of Civil Society among the Refugee Communities in Armenia" which developed the capacities of the three community centers in Amasia, Vardenis and Chambarak, simultaneously offering integration and development opportunities for the 38 village communities. At the end of the project the three community centers were registered as NGOs and became independent entities.
The newly established NGOs of Community Centers continuously promote the development and revitalization of the refugee communities as well as foster the integration of the refugee and local populations within the communities.From 2006 this project was followed by “Aramazd” social-educational development project, which continues striving for the development of the structures and establishment of regional NGOs.


The overall goal of the current third phase of Aramazd project is to contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic and educational environment and boosting the renaissance of traditional handicrafts in sub-regions of Amasia (Shirak Marz), Vardenis and Chambarak (Gegharkunik Marz).


  • To support local NGOs of Amasia, Vardenis and Chambarak sub-regions to implement sustainable social, cultural and educational programs in the bordering communities of the targeted sub-regions.
  • To promote and develop sustainable cooperation between local NGOs of Amasia, Vardenis and Chambarak and other local and international organizations.
  • To support local NGOs to liaise with income-generating companies with the aim of establishment of alternative funding sources.
  • To encourage expansion of the participation and involvement circle of the local NGOs.
  • To provide consultation and small grants for the proposals presented by the local NGOs.
  • To support youths and unemployed people of the regions Amasia, Vardenis and Chambarak to develop professional skills.
  • To encourage rebirth of national art and crafts in the targeted regions.
  • To support implementation of individual business initiatives in the bordering communities.

Partners:  Caritas Spain, Caritas France, Caritas Belgium

Project manager: Zara Aghanyan

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