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Migration and Development

Start: 2010-2015

Overall objective:

To promote links between migration and development in the Armenian context by contributing to the establishment of sustainable reintegration measures for returnees to Armenia and to prevent illegal migration wave from communities having high rate migration waves and risks.

Specific objectives:

  1. Support the reintegration processthe returnees from EU/ Liechtenstein and Switzerland   through providing assistance in economic stability and social protection
  2. Prevent irregular migration from the high rate migration risks communities, providing social-economic development and increasing public
  3. Establish networks between organizationsArmenia and EU, Liechtenstein and Switzerland for intensifying and systemizing Armenian illegal migrants return to Armenia.

Target groups

  • Voluntary and deported returnees from EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
  • Potential migrants /students, young generation, unemployed population of RA/.
  • Population from the high rate migration communities.
  • Communities which have returnees from EU.
  • Public at large.

Expected results

  1. 240 returnees are successfully reintegrated into the society out of which 43 returnee families gained economic stability. 45 returnees have opportunities to convey and localize their know-how skills in Armenia.
  2. Measures are taken to prevent "Brain drain" among 720 graduate students
  3. Implemented 6 community development projects and 5 economic projects dedicated to economic stability ofin communities  having high rate migration rate in Shirak Region
  4. 180 returnees and potential migrants participated in vocational trainings with a prospect for future employment opportunities
  5. Public at large are well informed about challenges of irregular migration
  6. 2 innovative business projects are implemented
  7. Regional cooperation and dialogue, networking activities in the field of migration is encouraged.


1. Support the reintegration process of voluntary and deported returnees through providing assistance in economic stability and social protection

  • Help returnees to gather the necessary information for their reintegration process.
  • Provide returnees with accommodation, counseling and educational support
  • Create support system for beneficiaries business establishment
  • Provide returnees opportunity to develop their communities

2. Mitigate irregular  migration through  provision of information on risks of illegal migration and through establishment of various support systems

  • Organize
  • Raise public awareness through different media, web-site
  • Create a support system for income generation
  • Implement community development projects in communities of high rate migration, offering community members welfare mechanisms and opportunities.
  • Prevent migration of young generation through implementing  their innovative ideas, establishing “Innovative Fund” and providing opportunities young people to realize innovative business ideas.

3. Support networking and policy making activities creating different cooperation networks.

  • Provide the project publicity through participating and organizing meetings, conferences, information leaflets, press releases and web site.

Partners: Lichtenstein Government and Caritas Austria

Project manager: Lusine Stepanyan

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