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Prevention of Illegal Migration and Trafficking

Start: 2003


Migration from Armenia is a widespread phenomenon; so severe that the Armenian Government is reluctant to research and release realistic figures about it. The figures available indicate that at least 35% of the population has migrated from Armenia in the last ten years. A large number of young people, even those who have invested in education, cannot find any promising opportunities for employment, and consequently consider migration to be their only option.

The well educated and highly qualified are able to use official migration channels when leaving their country of origin. They often succeed in creating a dignified life in their host countries. Many others do not have the same chance and often fall victim to trafficking and exploitation, losing their self-respect and the possibility for a dignified return to their original societies. Poorer families are at particular risk.

The Armenian Government has made an important step towards changing the attitude about the need to combat trafficking. In April 2003, the National Assembly of Armenia adopted the revised Criminal Code, which includes a specific clause on trafficking in persons.

Despite the fact that the revised Criminal Code has been adopted, there is still a need for substantial changes to reflect the nature of trafficking in persons.


The goal of the project is to prevent trafficking by raising public awareness and educating people on the topic of illegal migration and human trafficking.


  • To research and update educational materials related to illegal migration, the current legislation of recipient countries on these issues, and the exploitation and trafficking of human beings,
  • To train teachers to become trainers on the topics of illegal migration and trafficking issues using a specially developed program,
  • To organize special sessions for students in ninth and tenth grades, as well as parent councils, on the topics of migration and trafficking,
  • To develop, publish, and distribute informational materials on these topics to teachers, students, and parents.

In 2010 thirty new schools will be enrolled in the program from Yerevan and Gyumri. More than 3.400 students will pass the trainings in their schools.

Since the beginning of the project 209 schools from 6 regions (Yerevan, Shirak, Lori, Gegharkunik, Kotayk, Armavir) have been involved in the program. More than 82,000 students have gained information on the following issues; trafficking and illegal migration, how to avoid it, situation in the country and in the world, legal ways of migration, and international standards on migration.

Trafficking issue has three main components. They are Prevention, Protection and Prosecution (the so called three Ps).This project is a preventive one and the main goal of this project is to disseminate information among the higher grades of secondary schools about the dangers of becoming victims of trafficking.

The first phase of the program involved the research and development of specific programs on topics related to the process of migration, the current legislation of recipient countries, and the exploitation and trafficking of human beings. At a later stage the newly trained teachers held workshops on illegal migration and human trafficking in their schools. Usually the high grade students participate to the workshops.

Armenian Caritas, with two projects in the field of anti-trafficking issues, "PrevfIllegal "Migration and Trafficking", and "Information and Welcoming Center for the Victims of Trafficking", is a member of COATNET (Christian Organisations Against Trafficking in Women) and the local UN Theme Group on Acking, and works in close collaboration with the governmental Anti-Trafficking Commission.

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2003 - 2007 Caritas Italy and Embassy of Italy in Armenia.
2008 - CRS,Caritas Belgium
2009 - Caritas Belgium,Caritas France
2010 - Caritas France,Caritas Spain

Project manager: Movses Hakobyan

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