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Primary Health Care Center

Start: 2002


The developmental goal of the project is to provide, in a compassionate and competent manner, primary ambulatory care
for needy patients in Gyumri and those coming from surrounding areas.


  • To provide direct primary care, limited basic laboratory services and essential medicines, as available, for the
    established patients of the PHCC, counting to 5000-5500 individuals from about 1600 families.
  • To expand the activities of the PHCC by introducing the system of regular home-visits not only to the lonely elderly,
    but also to other patients, as required.
  • To continue re-training of two local Physicians and two Nurses (who are licensed in Armenia).
  • To engage in regular weekly patient education and promote preventive medicine among patients who attend the PHCC; to introduce the practice of training courses for pregnant women, aiming at the correct life-style during the pregnancy and preparation for child delivery

Partners: Caritas Spain, Renovabis Germany

Project manager:Artashes Margaryan

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