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Equal Opportunities For Socially Vulnerable and Disabled Children and their parents

Start: 01 September, 2012

Project location: Shirak,Gegharkunik Regions and Yerevan


To provide equal opportunities of education,employment and dignified life for socially vulnerable and disabled children and their parents.


  •        Enable 200 children from socially vulnerable families and with disabilities to acquire vocational skills and /or higher education necessary to find jobs in future and provide disabled children with an opportunity to learn how to take care of themselves.
  •       Change attitudes in schools and in the society towards children with disabilities and discover problems of inclusive education and reasons of children’s exclusion.
  •       Create necessary conditions in two schools in Shirak and Gegharkounik regions/one in each region/ to implement inclusive education to ensure integration of children remaining outside of educational processes into school.
  •       Build NASPCM and School Parents’ Councils and individual parents capacities to conreibute to their sustainability and well being,as well as empower parents to advocate for their children’s rights.


  •        Children with disabilities and from socially vulnerable families of 34 schools in Shirak, Gegharkunik regions and in Yerevan;
  •        27 SPC NGOs and 7 SPCs from Shirak region (12), Gegharkunik region (12), and Yerevan (10) schools and parents of disabled and socially vulnerable children;
  •        About 170 children with disabilities or from socially vulnerable families that have access to vocational trainings;
  •        About 30 children that have access to higher /or advanced vocational education;
  •        About 170 schoolchildren with whom SPCs will work to prepare them for peer to peer trainings;
  •        About 510 schoolchildren that participate in peer to peer trainings;
  •        NASPCM staff members
  •        Indirect beneficiaries of the project are:
  1.        Other parents of targeted schools (with whom SPC NGOs will work)
  2.         Public authorities
  3.         Professionals of the educational system of Armenia (regional, local governments, principle of schools, NIE or Moe   Experts)

Budget (Annual): 42 628 euro

Funded:  Caritas France

Project manager:  Gayane Norikyan

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