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“Dry Food for 200 Beneficiaries Living in Gyumri”
Location: Gyumri, Shirak Region
Launched: 2011
Functioning: Through present
Project description:The elderly living alone (especially disabled) face considerable social-economic and health difficulties in their everyday lifein Armenia. They are isolated from the social activities and there are no institutions that could organize specific activities for them making their day more interesting and productive. But the most vital problem for them is obtaining daily food. Provision of some food on a monthly basis will give 200 beneficiaries a chance to preserve their nutrition needs by getting the minimum dry food. The Program will foster to raise sense of dignity and life activeness among the beneficiaries,to preserve their health and nutrition conditions.
Objecive: To promote the nutrition conditions,as well as to promote the life style, and well-being of 200 elderly people in the city of Gyumri, Shirak Region, R.A.
Goal: Improve the life quality of 200 elderly people in Gyumri city through provision of dry food rations to 200 elderly. Funded by: Representative office of “JT International Luxembourg S.A” in the Republic of Armenia
Project manager: Diana Boyajyan
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